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Are you not sure what an e-book is?

An e-book is designed to reside on your computer. It takes up only a small amount of space. It electronically enhances traditional books with the ability to add computerized graphics, web links or other items, while maintaining a "look and feel" of a traditional bound book.

All my products are sold in e-book format to provide an economical way for you to learn about the selected services. They are sent via email to you and you save them right into your computer. You can also save an extra copy onto a compact disk or flash drive as a back-up.

The e-book platform requires a dnl reader installation (they do not open with Adobe or other readers). These e-book files are safe and virus free. The reader is a free download direct from its manufacturer and is also safe and virus free.

Each e-book description page has a link where you will be able to download the dnl reader and a sample of the e-book platform for you to try .

Printable product versions are available for additional fees.




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