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Introduction to Property Preservation - $6.00

Property Preservation Manual - $50.00

Becoming a Property Inspector - $6.00

Your Field Inspection Business - $50.00

Total Value of this package if ordered separately $112.00


Was $700.00

Purchase for only $100.00

You SAVE $12.00!!


You order both Inspection and Property Preservation Manuals

You receive 4 e-books

You learn how to complete most every service that may be asked of you to perform


Includes Free 4 Guarantor Requirement Letters - HUD, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Knowledge you can trust from a leader in excellence of property preservation services.

Receive your training from someone who "walks the walk"

For a sample of what you will learn how to do - visit my Property Preservation Services website --- JR Services, LLC

Who should buy this manual?

You will want this manual if:

  • you are completely new to property preservation

  • you would like to improve your property preservation skills

  • you believe Mortgage Field Services is the right business decision for you

  • you are seeking to offer a complete line of Mortgage Field Services to your clientele

This manual required years to complete. The e-books link to some of the most important industry websites such as lock vendors, magazines, government agencies and more!


Learn how:

  • to gain access and which tools to use

  • to winterize completely and thoroughly.

  • much antifreeze you should consider to be "sufficient" quantities.

  • to properly tarp or repair a leaky roof.

  • to install a sump pump.

  • to completely document to protect yourself from accusations of conversion.

  • to obtain the information your customers need

  • use the terms and abbreviations when reporting and speaking

  • to accurately report the property you inspect

  • to differentiate property types

Learn what:

  • is health hazards and general debris and how to bid/bill removal.

  • could be considered personal property.

  • your inspection reports should contain

  • you should know to report accurately

  • to look for when completing interior inspections on vacant properties

  • various laws govern your inspection and preservation services


Certification Exams




and How-To E-books


Read what people are saying


For either Preservation or Inspectors

Industry Terms and Abbreviations


For Preservation

Introduction to Property Preservation

Property Preservation Manual

Guide to Securing



For Inspectors

Introduction to Property Inspection Services

Property Inspector Manual

How to Perform a Drive-by Inspection


For Specialists

All training manuals

Everything you need to be successful!!

This training will guide you to become a mortgage field services specialist.


The Future is Knowledgeable, Trained and Certified Specialists!


Join the Future

Order today for ONLY $100.00



You will download your manuals in .pdf format!


Included with Purchase!

Preservation Guidelines for the following Guarantors



Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac


Other business charge you $65 or more for these guides!!

These guidelines "specs" are free with your training manual!


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Payments made Easy

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